Virtual Power Plant Texas Conference

June 6, 2024 

Downright Austin, A Renaissance Hotel | Austin, Texas

About the Conference

The agenda offers a comprehensive overview of the demand response program, tailored for Transmission and Distribution Service Providers, Aggregated Distribution Energy Resource Providers, Retail Electric Providers, Policymakers and Regulators, and Energy Research Institutions.

  • Keynote on VPP Evolution: Learn about implementing VPPs, their impact on the energy market, and role in renewable and reliable energy strategy
  • Panel Discussions, Dialogues, and Fireside Chats: Engage in thought-provoking discussions about policy gaps, operational frameworks, and the effectiveness of Texas's programs in selling back to the grid
  • Case Studies: Cover crucial aspects of VPPs in a decentralized market like Texas, ranging from the ADER Task Force's insights to case studies on implementing demand response programs
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry leaders, innovators, and peers during our networking breaks, fostering collaborations that shape the future of energy
  • In-Depth Analysis of Market Dynamics: Explore customer roles, the impact of significant industry players, and the future of energy in Texas through interactive dialogues and panel discussions
  • Focus on Technical Innovations: Address the challenges of integrating VPPs into existing systems and ensure inclusivity in grid transformation

Virtual Power Plants 

Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) are an innovative way of integrating distributed energy resources (DERs) that combine decentralized energy resources' capabilities to enhance power generation, distribution, and usage efficiency. VPPs intelligently network and control diverse power sources like solar panels, wind turbines, electric vehicles (EVs), and energy storage systems to provide a dynamic, responsive, sustainable energy solution. This revolutionary concept contributes to grid stability and efficiency. It paves the way for integrating renewable energy sources at scale, marking a significant leap in our journey towards a greener future.

Why Texas Needs VPP Programs

Texas is known for its abundant range of energy resources. However, the state presents unique challenges that make Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) a critical resource. With the growing demand for energy, extreme weather events, and the shift towards renewable energy sources, the organization responsible for operating the grid, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), faces a significant strain. VPPs offer a solution by improving grid resilience, reducing reliance on traditional power plants, and efficiently managing the variability of renewable energy sources. In Texas, where renewable energy, especially wind and solar, plays a critical role in the energy mix, VPPs are particularly crucial. The development and scaling up of these VPP programs are not just about current energy needs but are also pivotal for future sustainability, economic resilience, and energy independence. 

2024 Registrants Include

Featured Speakers Include

Jaden Crawford
Jaden Crawford
Director of Policy
David Energy
Amy Heart
Amy Heart
Senior Vice President Public Policy
Scott Hinson
Scott Hinson
Pecan Street
Michael Lee
Michael Lee
Octopus Energy Group
Jason M. Ryan
Jason M. Ryan
Executive Vice President – Regulatory Services & Government Affairs
CenterPoint Energy
Virginia Stephens
Virginia Stephens
Chief of Staff, TX PUC Commissioner Jimmy Glotfelty
Public Utility Commission
Resmi Surendran
Resmi Surendran
Vice President, Regulatory Policy
Shell Energy North America
Suresh Vasan
Suresh Vasan
Senior Investment Advisor
U.S. Department of Energy

Who should attend?

This conference is designed for diverse stakeholders in the energy sector, particularly those interested in the development, implementation, and management of VPPs. Attendees will benefit from the comprehensive discussions, expert insights, and networking opportunities. The event is particularly relevant for:

  1. Transmission and Distribution companies: VPs and Heads of T&D, Innovation, Demand Response, and Policy & Regulatory Affairs can explore how VPPs enable more effective demand response programs and customer engagement strategies 
  2. Policy Makers and Regulators: Government officials, regulatory agency members, municipalities and policy advisors will gain insights into the evolving regulatory landscape of VPPs and the implications for energy policy and grid management
  3. Aggregated Distributed Energy Resources (ADER) Providers: VPs of Grid, Emerging Technologies, and Industry Partnerships involved in developing and implementing VPP technologies, including software engineers, system integrators, and data analysts, will benefit from discussions on the latest advancements and challenges in deployment
  4. Electric Cooperatives: General Counsels, Chief Engineers & System Operations Officers, and Chief Operations Officers can explore how VPPs can aid in better managing energy loads, reducing costs, and improving service reliability for their members.
  5. Academic Researchers: Academics specializing in energy studies, environmental science, or related fields, will find the conference a rich source of information and a platform for engaging with industry experts to share their related research
  6. Industrial Energy Consumers: Energy Procurement Leads can learn about the benefits of participating in VPP programs and their impact on local communities
  7. Retail Electric Providers: Directors of Policy and Heads of Technology from the Electric Vehicle (EV) sector, including manufacturers and service providers, given their much greater behind-the-meter (BTM) capacity

Why Attend?

  • Insightful Content: The agenda is meticulously crafted to provide deep insights into the current state and future of VPPs, mainly focusing on the unique context of Texas.
  • Expert Speakers: Hear from industry leaders, policymakers, and ADER Providers and researchers who are at the forefront of VPP development and implementation
  • Networking and Collaboration: Forge valuable connections with a diverse group of professionals who share your passion for sustainable energy solutions
  • Stay Ahead of the Curve: Equip yourself with the latest knowledge and trends in the rapidly evolving field of VPPs to stay competitive and informed