IIoT Realization via Open Architecture Industrial Control Systems
Date & Time
Tuesday, September 13, 2022, 4:10 PM
Don Bartusiak

-    Architectures for IIoT are often based on sensor-to-cloud connectivity that ignores or bypasses the facility’s industrial control system.
-    Instead of separate, non-interacting data paths for process control and IIoT functions, an integrated architecture is preferred to enable the most cost-effective use of the data.
-    A new architecture for industrial control systems based on the emerging Open Process Automation Standard (O-PASTM) provides an integrated process control / IIoT functional capability.
-    With O-PAS based systems, edge computing can be for both deterministic, real-time control as well as for data collection and on-prem analysis. Furthermore, O-PAS conformant edge computing enables more cost-effective solutions compared to currently available PLC/SCADA/DCS systems