Full Name
Liz Dennett
Job Title
VP – Data Architecture and Data Engineering
Wood Mackenzie
Speaker Bio
Dr. Liz Dennett is a passionate technologist with over a decade of experience using data-driven approaches to solve pressing energy challenges. She has demonstrated success pioneering novel data types, architectures, and analytics solutions through the energy value chain. Liz is currently a VP of Data Architecture and Engineering at Wood Mackenzie where she is helping slay data silos to fuel sustainable innovation, and hosts the Horizons Podcast, a candid take on the Energy Transition. Prior to joining Wood Mackenzie, Liz was the Lead Solutions Architect for Energy Data Platforms at Amazon Web Services (AWS), and held various roles of increasing scope and complexity within AWS, Biota Technology, Hess Corporation, and the NASA Astrobiology Institute. Liz holds advisory board positions with the UW-Madison Dept. of Geoscience and with Cemvita Factory, a startup decarbonizing heavy industries with synthetic biology. A technology evangelist, Liz has given over 100 invited presentations, received over a dozen awards including being named #13 in the “Top 50 Women Leaders in Houston” in 2022, and writen more than 10 academic and industry publications. Liz holds a MS and PhD in Geoscience from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has completed executive education at the Haas School of Business. Liz’s passions include building things, board games, and stubbornly refusing to believe things are “hard”.
Liz Dennett