Full Name
Abla Hanna
Job Title
Senior Director, Office of Energy Efficiency
Natural Resources Canada
Speaker Bio
Abla Hanna is the Senior Director of the Demand Policy and Analysis Division in the Office of Energy Efficiency (OEE) at Natural Resources Canada (NRCan). Prior to taking on the Senior Director position, Abla was Director of the Buildings and Industry also in OEE where she led a team of program and policy experts dedicated to advancing energy efficiency in Canada’s industrial and built environments. Prior to joining OEE, Abla held several positions in NRCan’s Major Projects Management Office where she provided horizontal leadership to ensure clear and predicable regulatory reviews for high-profile resource development projects. Previously, Abla held Senior Policy Analyst positions in Service Canada and First Nations and Inuit Health Branch (formerly Health Canada). She is an avid cross-country skier, a beekeeper and a proud mother of Alice.
Abla Hanna