The Canadian technological landscape is evolving at an exponential rate. Blockchain technology in particular is having an unprecedented impact, particularly across the oil and gas sector, with the growth of Blockchain adoption in Canada considered to be amongst the fastest globally. The Canadian market is gaining international recognition for pioneering Blockchain technologies across multiple industries and being at the forefront of technological advancement. The opportunities for the oil and gas market have never been riper.

The 2nd Annual Blockchain in Oil and Gas Canada conference will bring together stakeholders and decision makers across the value to chain to discuss how the transformational effect of Blockchain is revolutionalising the oil and gas market and creating new opportunities for innovation. Over two days, you will hear how the top operators are leveraging Blockchain applications and capitalising on new opportunities.  Attend this conference to learn first hand from your peers and hear the most up-to-date information directly from the oil and gas companies making it happen.

At our 2019 event, we had an amazing line-up of speakers and a diverse audience of over 100 attendees, which brought together experts in from the oil and gas sector and provided delegates with a comprehensive dive into all things blockchain. Event attendees heard from key stakeholders in the industry – go ahead and download the post show report here.

The 2020 Blockchain in Oil & Gas Canada Conference will, again, be more dynamic again, and as always, our format will be fast-paced with plenty of networking time built in.

Topics to be covered at the 2020 conference include:

  • Insight into the latest Blockchain initiatives transforming the Canadian energy market
  • First hand Blockchain case studies from leading Canadian oil and gas operators 
  • Changes to the Canadian digital regulatory and compliance landscape 
  • Key investment opportunities – where and how to channel Blockchain investment
  • Applications of Blockchain for oil and gas – from smart contracts to distributed data, and public ledgers 
  • Transforming a Blockchain strategy into reality: what, where, when and how



Blockchain technology is poised to impact oil and gas, and the first businesses based on this transformative technology are already live in Europe. Conferences such as the Blockchain in Oil and Gas Canada Conference are critical to help the industry stay abreast of the latest developments.” - Geoffrey Cann,

If you’ve got an interest in Blockchain or if you’ve got an interest in IoT, there’s probably not a better avenue for you to get out and talk to like-minded people about their application of technology.” – John Trask, Blockchain Guru

Events like this are important to have. I’ve been following technological change for the oil & gas industry over the last 2-3 years, and that’s (blockchain technology) where business is headed. If your planning cycle is not including these things and you are not making the connections, you will be behind.” – Heather Christy Burns, High Ground Energy

Events like Energy Conference Network are throwing here on blockchain are important for multiple reason. The most important is we are still in the era of awareness, so it’s an outstanding opportunity to network with other like-minded people, talk to innovators and pioneers and try to understand what adoption will actually look like.” – James Graham, GuildOne

It’s important to attend conferences like this in two ways. First, it’s the networking. To see and hear how people are actually thinking about use cases and learn how they are addressing issues that you may be working on, you can learn from that. Second, from a content standpoint, you always learn something new from presenters that come and how they have dealt with issues.” – Mark Waddleton, Banyan Risk Group