Thursday, April 29th | 11:00 am CDT | Registration is free

Why should I attend this webinar?

The energy industry is changing from system-centric to smaller-scale and distributed smart grids and microgrids. These smart grids require a flexible, scalable, elastic, and reliable cloud-native infrastructure for real-time data integration and processing.

Join Confluent for a free, one-hour session as we explore use cases, architectures, and real-world deployments of event streaming with Apache Kafka in the energy industry to implement smart grids and real-time end-to-end integration.

What will the webinar cover?

Topics covered will include:

  • Edge stream processing to enable true real-time decision-making at the well site
  • Energy production at the Disconnected Edge: Predictive Maintenance, Predictive Analytics, Human/Machine Interface
  • Real-Time Outage Management
  • Field Management
  • Smart Grid Infrastructure

Who will I hear from?

Kai Waehner
Kai Waehner
Field CTO, Global Technology Advisor
Kai Waehner works as Field CTO at Confluent. Kai’s main area of expertise lies within the fields of Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning / Deep Learning, Cloud / Hybrid Architectures, Messaging, Integration, Microservices, Stream Processing, Internet of Things and Blockchain. He is a regular speaker at international conferences such as Kafka Summit, O’Reilly Software Architecture or ApacheCon, writes articles for professional journals, and shares his experiences with new technologies on his blog.