Following the growing IoT market in Oil and Gas in Canada and North America, and the success of the 4th Annual IoT in Oil and Gas Canada Conference 2019, we are proud to announce that the 5th annual is growing even more and will cover more case studies on IoT and Digital Transformation in Oil and Gas in Canada.

The 5th Annual IoT in Oil and Gas Canada Conference will discuss key solutions for major existing challenges such as data management, cybersecurity, cost reduction and emission reduction, share key trends, opportunities and implementation of IoT and Digital Transformation at Canada’s top Oil & Gas operators, and showcase the most recent IoT programs and technologies in the market.



“Amazed how many people I met that have something in common with me! Before the conference started, I only knew 2 people in attendance, and I walked away with many new friends. For that reason alone, the conference was a big success.” – Tom Wilson, Energy Industry Lead, Appian


It’s important to attend conferences like this so you aren’t falling behind. There’s only so much you can do when you are reading, surfing and browsing the internet. It’s another thing to spend two days, in a conference, listening to presenters where your focus is dedicated to what those individuals are explaining.” – Gregory Yuzik, ARC Resources


What is interesting about attending this conference is trying to be able to understand, how do you improve your business? How do you try to find new ways, new solutions and new things you are trying to accomplish? All of that is something you can do by attending this conference.” - Dave McCarthy, Bsqure