Why an enterprise data orchestration platform is the missing link in uniting data to achieve real business outcomes

Thursday, March 11th - 12:00 pm CT

About the webinar

Most Energy businesses are working with data siloes, impacting their ability to build meaningful digital solutions which take in to account every aspect which contributes to the decision-making process. The legacy methods of communicating between these siloed parts of a business only lead to error, delay, bias and mistrust besides occupying resources which could be better adding value elsewhere.

Leaders who wish to embrace a successful digital transformation need to understand that encompassing existing and new technologies on one, unified landscape allows them to communicate between each other freely, regardless of vendor or language, to deliver one source of truth. This truth can be used to deliver digital ambitions from increasing productivity and efficiency to moving into adjacent industries.

Digital transformation should be disruptive, but it should not be difficult. That's why you need to join Keross for an industry-focused, free webinar to learn how you already have a lot of what you already need for digital success. What you're missing is the digital foundation to bring it all together.

If you or someone you know is responsible for achieving new outcomes for your business, you cannot afford to miss this discussion on the break-through technologies streamlining the way we will work.

What will be discussed?

  • Overview of the current challenges with data in the sector
  • Innovation goals of the Energy sector and the capabilities required to achieve them
  • What exactly is data orchestration and how does it deliver digital outcomes
  • Demonstration of use cases which incorporate data from across enterprise, including:
    • Project Management
    • Resource Management


Tom Hasker
Tom Hasker
Philippe Flichy
Philippe Flichy
Technology Evangelist

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