Adelaide - 3 June 2021


Jessica Balasso
Head of Technology- Olympic Dam

Simon Ratcliffe
Head of Experimentation & Technology

Jim Stuart
Senior Vice President, Sales and Customer Success

Andrew Scott
Principal Innovator
Symbiotic Innovations

Industry challenges and considerations and the
workforce of the future

Australian industry is at a pivotal point for innovation and technology,  with Covid 19 challenging our ways of working and our thinking. As we work towards increasing diversity, lowering emissions, eliminating fatalities and removing people from damaging energy sources, we are more challenged than ever in the mining industry to rethink how we leverage robotics and automation and how we work with Australian suppliers to fast track solutions that work in our environment.

Integrated sensor technologies -
the key to automation

Early Maptek R&D efforts into laser scanning in the late 1990s were triggered by a collaboration with the defence industry... and the initial device was housed in the back of a small van! Dramatic advances in robotics and automation have seen massive shrinkage in machine size alongside significant increases in computer system complexity for control, sensory feedback and information processing. Maptek Technical Specialist Jordan Herrmann will explore the current state of smart sensing technologies and the future scope for hardware-software integration for adding value in the mining and civil markets. 

Enabling the Digital Mine of the Future
through autonomous technology

Data capture in the mining industry has been exponentially evolving over the last 10 years. We are capturing data at an increased resolution and accuracy. Rich information can be at ever-shorter intervals of time, enabling live modelling and dynamic planning that is continuously adapting to achieve business objectives. Automating the process to capture spatial data not only reduces the risk and workload for personnel, it also enables increased consistency, speed, and frequency. 
This presentation will provide insight into how autonomous data capture technology could fundamentally change the way mines are planned and operated - imagining a digital mine of the future that could be fully mapped in a day and monitored in real-time. 

The Robotics Advantage for Australia

Australia is uniquely positioned, with deep capability, experience and persistence to take advantage of capitalising on the Robotics boom that we are experiencing globally. We will be exploring the opportunities, and challenging some thinking around the possibilities. We will explore some case studies and some existing work underway and hopefully start a conversation on how we can establish the positive narrative that will help drive economic growth for Australia. 


Symon Rubens
Energy Conference Network


Stone & Chalk

Allied Health Building, Lot Fourteen, North Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000