Sydney, 24 June 2021


Genene Kleppe
Founder and CEO 
Digital Twinning Australia

Dr. Stefan Hrabar
CEO and Co-founder

Andrew Rouse
Digital Terrain

Adrian Beer
METS Ignited

Democratising Information

Respect, credibility and fun at work comes from being right; and being able to back up your argument!Nothing helps more than data. Until now the issue has been getting everybody on the same page at the same time to see the impact of data in real time rather than in spreadsheets, graphs and timelines.Having access to live data, from any place at any time, that’s bang on topic so your colleagues, bosses, stakeholders and nay-sayers can see precisely why you were right all along as you demonstrate live contextually visible… THAT is democratising information!It is happening now, it isn’t hard to achieve and the data you need to get started is at your fingertips.

Enabling the Digital Mine of the Future
through autonomous technology

Data capture in the mining industry has been exponentially evolving over the last 10 years. We are capturing data at an increased resolution and accuracy. Rich information can be at ever-shorter intervals of time, enabling live modelling and dynamic planning that is continuously adapting to achieve business objectives. Automating the process to capture spatial data not only reduces the risk and workload for personnel, it also enables increased consistency, speed, and frequency. 
This presentation will provide insight into how autonomous data capture technology could fundamentally change the way mines are planned and operated - imagining a digital mine of the future that could be fully mapped in a day and monitored in real-time. 

Combining Autonomation and Integration

With the rise in automation in the mining industry, it is important that we consider what these new enhancements to our traditional mining processes mean for now and in the future. Automation enhances roles in the industry, increasing efficiency and effectiveness. Having a robust integrated data model where you can send and consume information in between systems is critical to be able to adopt fast and realise value in a continual manner. Automating one mining process provides opportunity for efficiency in many downstream processes and systems which also require this data. Combining visual, manually captured and IoT derived datasets is a key focus on the roadmap for Digital Terrain.

The Role of Vendors in Technology Adoption

The mining industry is urgently seeking visibility and transparency of the innovation ecosystem available to them. With the increased pace of innovation, operators are seeking partners who can keep pace with the demands of multiple sectors. The development of new digital and automated technology demands an evolution of skillsets within the mining workforce to lead, co-design and implement; Which requires access to vendors with skills to support and co-develop operating environments. Technology companies have business models  built on the commercial viability of their innovation. We must focus on rewarding value, commit to support technology being brought to market, and look for ways to aggregate demand and clearly define emerging industry needs.


Jim Stuart
Senior Vice President, Sales and Customer Success


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