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Robotics and Automation in Mining is where the key players will gather to discuss the pressing issues and challenges facing robotics and automation in mining, and to hear from industry leaders on their latest applications. The event will enable stakeholders to undertake a significant digital review of their business and identify areas in which automation and robotics will add most value.

Business as usual is no longer acceptable in the mining industry, and to stay afloat traditional businesses need radical changes. The value derived from the application of digital technologies and digitisation are so profound, and early adopters are already seeing the benefits of using automation.

Technology has rapidly advanced to enable a 'connected mine’ however this requires a change of industry culture and mindset, a step away from the siloed technology discovery model, deeper operational expertise aligned with technological capabilities, and ultimately reimagined business models.

Automation is estimated to deliver $52 billion in value to the mining sector in 2030, lifting total value added by 58% 
(AlphaBeta Advisors, 2019)


This two-day conference agenda will include highlights such as:

  • A Ministerial Address from Hon Bill Johnston MLA, Minister for Mines and Petroleum; Energy: Industrial Relations, Member for Cannington
  • Resolute Mining’s case study on the Syama Gold Mine – the world’s first fully automated mine in South Africa
  • Glencore’s case study on longwall remote operations – data, tools and visualisation 
  • Fortescue Metals Group will discuss striving for operational excellence in a highly digitised landscape – tackling business models, culture, and balancing people and technology capabilities
  • Panel Discussion: Future of workforce in mining – catering for the requirements of autonomous mines. What are some of the key issues and challenges with recruiting, retaining and reskilling people in the mining industry?
  • Roy Hill will cover the topic of decision automation – and capitalising on data derived and optimising your performance from pit to port
  • Mining3 and Data61/CSIRO will explore capitalising on the role of the wider mining ecosystem to drive transformation, and bridging the gap between strategy and execution in automation
  • Oz Minerals will take a deep dive into the topic: Digital transformation or cultural transformation?
  • The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety will cover: Mining regulation, technology and best practice in automation and robotics: What are the new safety requirements and what is the impact on mine design?