Canada Home Energy Justice Conference

OCTOBER 8-9, 2024 | OTTAWA, ON



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The inaugural Canada Home Energy Justice Conference is a groundbreaking event aiming to bridge the gap between academia, program providers, and organizations dedicated to delivering energy efficiency programs to all Canadians. This conference is a pivotal platform designed to facilitate collaboration, knowledge exchange, and the application of research insights to real-world programs.

Featured Speakers Include

Kathleen Brennan
Kathleen Brennan
Senior Advisor, Strategic Initiatives
PEI Climate Change Secretariate
Jessica Brown
Jessica Brown
Project Manager, Net Zero
Government of Prince Edward Island
Corey Diamond
Corey Diamond
Executive Director
Efficiency Canada
Regina Foley
Regina Foley
Senior Energy Advisor
NunatuKavut Community Council
Emilie Hayes
Emilie Hayes
Lead, Sustainable Affordable Housing
The Green Municipal Fund at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities
Dylan Heerema
Dylan Heerema
Senior Policy Advisor
Ecotrust Canada
Jessica Nadjiwon
Jessica Nadjiwon
Executive Director
First Nations Energy Sustainability Association
Brittany Tran
Brittany Tran
Corporate Environmental Specialist
City of Calgary


  • The conference seeks to bring together academics, researchers, and professionals who deliver energy efficiency programs to low-income families. By fostering dialogue and collaboration, we aim to enhance the effectiveness of initiatives geared towards energy justice. Sector professionals can learn about the latest research and the application of the latest findings to program delivery and best practices in working with vulnerable communities. 
  • The conference promotes cross-jurisdictional connections and sharing of best practices. By breaking down geographical barriers, we aim to connect a national network transcending regional limitations, fostering a collective effort toward achieving energy justice for all Canadians. Academics can connect with peers, share their latest research, and apply their findings to real-world problems. 

Our unique format focuses on translating academic research into actionable strategies for energy efficiency programs. By providing a space where theoretical knowledge meets practical implementation, we strive to maximize the impact of research outcomes on the lives of those most in need. By attending, you will hear from panels and presentations and interact with peers on advancing your chosen real-world issues.  

Conference Themes:

Energy Justice in Canada: Challenges and Consequences:
    What is energy poverty and why does it matter?

  •  Explore the challenges low-income communities face in accessing sustainable energy solutions and examine the consequences of energy injustice. This topic sets the stage for understanding the context within which our collective efforts will be directed.

Energy Justice and Patterns of Social Vulnerability in Canada:
    Where does energy poverty show up and how does it affect your work?

  • Delve into the intersection of energy justice and social vulnerability. Demonstrate how energy poverty compounds existing vulnerabilities for Canadians, while building capacity among key stakeholders to take action on eliminating energy poverty. 

Regional Responses to Energy Poverty:
    Who is doing what about energy poverty?

  • Showcase regional initiatives and innovative approaches to address energy justice. Discuss the role of communities in driving sustainable change and share best practices for community-based energy programs.

Advancing Energy Justice in Climate Policy:
    What more can be done about it?

  • Examine the role of climate policy in advancing energy justice. Discuss policy frameworks and initiatives that can contribute to a more equitable distribution of demand-side management tools and strategies, particularly for marginalized communities.

Collaborating for Collective Impact:
    How can we work together on it?

  • Highlight the importance of collaboration between various stakeholders in achieving collective impact. Explore successful case studies and collaborative models that have demonstrated tangible improvements in energy justice.

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Sponsorship Opportunities:

By supporting this conference, funders align themselves with a pivotal initiative that addresses critical issues at the intersection of energy, justice, and social well-being. The unique blend of academia, program providers, and community-focused attendees ensures the conference's outcomes are theoretical whilst having real-world applications, directly benefiting low-income families across Canada.

Financial support will enable the conference to reach a wider audience, fostering collaboration on a national scale and enhancing the collective impact of efforts to achieve energy justice. Funders play a key role in driving innovation in energy efficiency programs by facilitating the exchange of knowledge and best practices, ultimately leading to more effective and sustainable solutions for marginalized communities.

In supporting this conference, funders not only endorse the crucial mission of advancing energy justice but also become integral partners in a collaborative effort bringing together diverse perspectives, expertise, and resources. 

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