7:15 AM
8:20 AM
Amy Henry
8:30 AM

Billions of IoT devices will connect with the cloud over the next five years. With IoT continuing to converge with AI, robotics, satellites and 5G, oil and gas enterprises and utilities are tackling big problems in infrastructure, production, and the environment using cloud technologies. But how do you get started and separate dream from reality? Yasser Alsaied, VP of IoT at AWS, will introduce audiences to the new IoT and digital twin technologies and AWS partner solutions that are transforming upstream, midstream and downstream operations and helping customers transition to new energies. Through demos and customer stories, Yasser will explain how businesses like DCP Midstream, Hilcorp, and Invista are increasing operational efficiency, transforming processes and asset management, and acting upon real-time insights at scale.

Yasser Alsaied
9:00 AM

-    Delivering and proving ROI on your digital transformation projects 
-    Analyzing how IoT projects can reduce costs and increase efficiencies 
-    Developing operational best practices using digital technologies 
-    Managing the cultural change required 
-    How can IoT is contribute to energy companies’ net zero goals 

Jim Claunch David Armstrong Theunis Myburg Lucas Green Mike Josephson
9:40 AM

Michael Moore, Ph.D. will be sharing strategies and approaches for leveraging the industry-leading graph data technology to build large-scale digital twins capable of unifying data across disparate sources, delivering rich analytics, and supporting near real-time monitoring of critical assets. With a graph database, you can easily understand and query the relationships between devices, networks, sensors, and users. Also hear how Neo4j digital twin analytical use cases include interventions, predictive maintenance, bill of materials management and network dependency analyses.

Michael Moore
10:10 AM
10:40 AM
Denis Bogino
11:10 AM

-    IoT vs. Industrial IoT
-    Analyzing the value of using IIoT
-    Small vs. large company cloud strategies
-    IIoT solutions bringing value to Chevron

Todd Anslinger
11:40 AM

Our world is transforming and rapidly becoming more digital - we are on the cusp of a location aware IoT driven technological revolution, affecting most, if not all, industries. With billions of connected sensors deployed on assets and networks, and in products around the world, companies are collecting and processing data at a higher frequency than ever before - creating a digital ‘nervous system’ for just about everything that we do. The challenge that continues to plague many organizations is how to make effective value-driven decisions from this wealth of data, in the context of their real-world operations. 

Many organizations are looking for help and guidance in applying technologies appropriately to improve situational awareness, create measurable operational efficiencies, and optimize performance metrics. This presentation will outline the systems to accept, manage, analyze and help recognize patterns in your data streams to create value today.

Micah Callough
12:10 PM
Lunch - Sponsored by
Ryan Fitzpatrick
Time Zone: (UTC-05:00) Central Time (US & Canada) [Change Time Zone]
1:30 PM
Joel Chacon
1:35 PM

-    Value of asset centric fleet management
-    Analyzing the importance of digital twin lifecycle management
-    Evaluating architecture considerations

Dr. Clare Schoene
2:05 PM

-    Understanding what a Knowledge Graph is and why is it a powerful digital twin model technology
-    Using a knowledge graph digital twin model to automate a process verification workflow, with a massive impact in team efficiency
-    How the same digital twin structure is applicable to other typical problems in oil and gas
-    How the process can be extended to trigger Power Automate workflows, unravelling endless possibilities to accelerate communication, decision making and action

Joel Chacon
2:35 PM

-    How work is transformed through new/different workflows in the digital and what that means out for the work front.
-    Change management and new ways to do work.
-    The skills emerging and the overlap between engineering and computer science and how that enables transformations in the digital twin space – both for development as well as for its use.
-    Core skills required for developing and sustaining the digital twin – visualization and virtualization as well as data science.
-    Putting context to digital twin use cases – introducing a level index to describe a range of digital twins and corresponding business value.

David Lafferty Keith Johnston Nadine Herrwerth Taha Syed Hussain Jonathan Kyle
3:15 PM
3:45 PM

-    What are the practical steps to build a plant digital twin? 
-    What are the fundamental concepts and best practices to follow?
-    What are the characteristics of an engineering platform for building a plant digital twin?
-    Analog to a real field for a real plant, prerequisite of building a Plant Digital Twin is a versatile and robust engineering platform for core engineering disciplines.  

Dr. Pouria Bigvand
4:15 PM

-    Human Centric vs System Centric - The twins are different
-    Integrated Twins - making twins work like one
-    The real twins - Human and Machine
-    Control Systems, Monitoring Systems, and Autonomous Systems
-    Family Planning - Giving Birth to your Twins

Jonathan Arneault
4:35 PM

If you can't measure it, you can't manage it, or improve it.” This variation on a famous quote by management guru Peter Drucker has been a driving force in managing people and processes in the most successful companies over the last century. When it comes to everything else, you need IoT to measure it and digital twins to manage and improve it. The drive toward net-zero emissions is an all-hands-on-deck imperative requiring new levels of innovation throughout the oil and gas industry. Join Rob as he shows you how digital technologies like digital twins and IoT have an important role to play in this transition.

Rob Tiffany
5:05 PM
Joel Chacon
5:10 PM
Drinks reception - Sponsored by
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1:30 PM
Jeff Bennett
1:35 PM

Last year's ransomware cyberattack on Colonial Pipeline laid bare the severe consequences such attacks can have on vital infrastructure and operations.  Join Microsoft's Energy IoT Industry Solution lead, Jeff Bennett, to examine the trends driving the need for new strategies and techniques for protecting OT and IoT assets in the Oil & Gas industry, as well as:
-    The types of cyberattacks which can impact Oil & Gas Operations
-    The shifting motivations of cyberattacks and what's behind them
-    How defenses against these attacks are evolving
-    Five key elements in addressing OT cyberattack risk

Jeff Bennett
2:05 PM
Jennifer Hohman Angela Haun Al Lindseth John Taplett Kevin Kumpf
2:45 PM

In the most recent Mandiant cybersecurity and detection response analysis, it was found that more than 95% of attacks began with an intrusion into IT systems that lead to attackers pivoting into the IoT environment, costing billions of dollars in lost productivity and recovery expenses. This presentation will focus on practices and a 62443 based mechanism to protect IoT systems from untargeted, highly-damaging threats.  

Asif Effendi
3:15 PM
3:45 PM

-    Information Management overview and where cybersecurity fits in 
-    The gravity of the cybersecurity problem in major national infrastructure 
-    Best practices for cybersecurity lifecycle in oil and gas to protect multiple attack vectors  
-    IT/OT integration 
-    Unmanaged devices - how they’re protected, and other operational security issues for consideration 

Timothy Evavold Phil Schwarz
4:15 PM

-    Defining real-time versus checklist or periodic cybersecurity 
-    Describing activities that can be done in real-time  
-    Technologies supporting real-time and possible roadblocks 
-    How real-time cybersecurity aligns to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework 
-    Where to start the real-time cybersecurity journey

Al Lindseth Dave Cullen Dennis Hackney
4:55 PM
5:05 PM
Drinks reception - Sponsored by
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8:15 AM
Adam Drobot
8:20 AM
Ranjan Ghosh
8:50 AM

PJ will outline the “story” of how IoT got started in Oxy -  how quickly they were able to prove value and the challenges faced when moving to production.  He will also focus on the Gas Lift Optimization use case and share some high-level architectures and technology choices.

P.J. LeBlanc
9:20 AM

-    Discover the power of real-time and continuous analytics, digital twin, robots & drones, and wearable devices
-    Use of smart sensors and meters and leverage big data with advanced AI-ML to model climate/carbon neutral scenarios and explore opportunities to automate efficiencies that have gone untapped.
-    Monitor ESG KPIs across the value chain and track de-carbonization programs at various levels in an organization to forecast the impact on Net-Zero Goals.
-    Leverage data and insights to incrementally generate significant savings, and opportunities to mitigate emissions and improve Return on Investments.
-    Create a purposeful and balanced transition between legacy energy sources and new emerging energy ecosystems – how can they best co-exist, and still meet our communities’ growing sustainability aspirations. 

Bryant Butler Rustom Mody Michael O'Sullivan
9:50 AM

-    Emission tracking and monitoring through IoT devices
-    Data custody: how to establish trustworthy data that can satisfy reporting requirements
-    ESG: What are the immediate opportunities to improve environmental monitoring, what does the future look like?

Deanna Zhang Andrea Course Eric Rubenstein Russell Whitney Amardeep Sibia
10:30 AM
10:50 AM
Rashi Gajula
11:10 AM

•    Main drivers for Oil & Gas companies for Digitization initiatives – why some of these fail and others succeed.  How can digitization be accelerated, securely, and with minimal disruption? 
•    Deeper dive on Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions that brings machines, connectivity, cloud computing, analytics, and people together to improve the performance and productivity of industrial processes. How cloud-based IIoT initiatives are playing a major role for Oil & Gas companies to deliver value across a variety of use cases including predictive quality and maintenance analytics, asset condition monitoring, and process optimization. 
•    Listen to customers like Hilcorp as they embark on a major Industrial IoT initiative to modernize their data infrastructure with cloud-native services.

Prabal Acharyya Matt Hall Xiong Xiong Matt Oberdorfer Kishore Manghnani
11:40 AM

-    Automatically planning efficient customer delivery routes
-    Minimizing mileage and labor costs while boosting customer service

Ken Moore
12:10 PM

-    Why IT/OT collaboration is important 
-    What are the needs and uses of OT/IoT in digital twins 
-    What are the particular brownfield challenges with OT and digital twins 
-    Machine vision applications for HSSE monitoring and activity tracking 
-    Deployment on-premises, in the cloud, at the edge, and in hybrid deployment modalities

Hani Elshahawi Hung Chiem Daniel Sawyer Daniel Quant
12:50 PM
Lunch - Sponsored by
Bruce Collins
Time Zone: (UTC-05:00) Central Time (US & Canada) [Change Time Zone]
1:35 PM
Kelly Switt
1:40 PM

-    Advances in sensor, real-time, and edge data - unlocking the potential of unprecedented data 
-    With great power comes great responsibility -  ensuring that you’re equipped and able to drive insights from this data is truly next frontier in digital advances

This presentation will discuss the role of engineering, cultural enablers, data governance, and architecture in ensuring that you and your teams are poised to leverage your great influx of data.

Liz Dennett
2:10 PM

•    Validated patterns in IT automation remove bottlenecks and delivery harmony to integrated IT and operations workflows.
•    Reduce the complexity required to maintain secure and compliant operations through an automated IT/OT collaboration.

Andrew Seifert Chad Ferman
2:40 PM

•    Deploying machine learning on edge devices 
•    Improving well data interpretation  
•    Now we have connectivity to Edge, what next? 
•    How does connectivity impact security? 

David Lafferty Obinna Ilochonwu M. Amin Kayali Timothy Smith Leena Sudhakar
3:20 PM
3:40 PM

-    Frequency drive architecture with advanced security features and the ability to operate as a network device with DAQ front end.  
-    Using MatLab Simulink to create new embedded IP and digital twins of real world physical loads

Rodney Myers
4:10 PM

-    Architectures for IIoT are often based on sensor-to-cloud connectivity that ignores or bypasses the facility’s industrial control system.
-    Instead of separate, non-interacting data paths for process control and IIoT functions, an integrated architecture is preferred to enable the most cost-effective use of the data.
-    A new architecture for industrial control systems based on the emerging Open Process Automation Standard (O-PASTM) provides an integrated process control / IIoT functional capability.
-    With O-PAS based systems, edge computing can be for both deterministic, real-time control as well as for data collection and on-prem analysis. Furthermore, O-PAS conformant edge computing enables more cost-effective solutions compared to currently available PLC/SCADA/DCS systems 

Don Bartusiak
4:40 PM

-    Logical capabilities and physical location for computation and data
-    Expectations that decisions depend on the industry vertical
-    Patterns for starting architectural design

Stephen Mellor David Forsberg Mark Kachelmyer Ben Randell James (Jim) Breaux
5:20 PM
Time Zone: (UTC-05:00) Central Time (US & Canada) [Change Time Zone]
1:35 PM
Frank Gielissen
1:40 PM
Marlena Nickel Felix Fikke
2:10 PM

-    Identification of immediate ROI from IIOT project investment 
-    Simple and efficient deployment of sensors on legacy/existing physical assets 
-    Deploying scalable networks 
-    Device management at scale 
-    Versatile data integration with existing architecture  
-    Specific applications - Manual Valve Positioning and Tank Level Monitoring 
-    Edge AI analytics enabling real-time notifications to increase security and reduce risk 

Michael Mayer Rick Sperandio Jim Jones
2:40 PM

-    Evaluating the latest connectivity technology and solutions  
-    Exploring potential future vulnerabilities  
-    Understanding the technical challenges that are the biggest blockers for energy companies aiming to achieve autonomous fields of the future. 
-    Outlining some real-world examples

David Crawley Jarrett Lawrence Adam Berg Ravi Mayuram Bill Arend
3:20 PM
3:40 PM
  • IoT deployment demands more than a dumb pipe
  • From cellular to Sigfox, the right architecture drives speed to market and success at scale
  • Case studies and lessons learned from 1M+ IoT connections in oil & gas
Kenta Yasukawa
4:10 PM

-    Needs in the Oil & Gas Industry for IoT 
-    Trends in Telecommunications 
-    Emergence of mmWave offerings 
-    Spacebased LEO, MEO, and GEO (Ubiquity of coverage, latency, and bandwidth) 
-    Point-point terrestrial systems and spectrum sharing 
-    5G Deployment and an early view of where 6G may be heading 
-    Offerings and deployments 

Adam Drobot
4:40 PM
Time Zone: (UTC-05:00) Central Time (US & Canada) [Change Time Zone]